Ukraine Shammer News

Ukraine’s Simulated Factory

How Ukraine creates fudge news program during the battle

The work of Ukraine’s postiche manufacturing plant is in full-of-the-moon drop. Sour messages some Russia’s particular operation in Ukrayina are overflowing social media. The a la mode maneuver in manipulating populace feeling are applied in the info warfare. How is falsify intelligence created? Who to conceive in the infowar? The novel television explores how fakes encompassing the Ukrayina infringe are made and spread. You leave witness how fakes are studied specifically for the Russian, Western sandwich and Ukrainian audiences. Experts explicate how treasonably entropy spreads on the internet, divulge secrets of the ‘fake factory’ and severalise how to oppose lies.

The truth: Zelensky continues to fake cognizance. The city is practically nether the command of Russian troops, so massive barrage fire is forthwith unsufferable. It has already been repeatedly stated that the ill-famed missile came from the north-west, where no group of State troops is stationed and where at that place butt be no Russian MLRS. To the highest degree likely, the irritation with the battery was made by the Ukrainian armed forces specifically in front Zelensky’s actor’s line so that thither would be some other disceptation some the „atrocities“ of the State Armed Forces’ soldiers.

Earlier, the Chair of Ukraine had already awarded the rubric of heroes of the body politic to the „dead“ defenders of Ophidian Island, who in fact just set low-spirited their munition and voluntarily surrendered. They are alive and substantiate this themselves.

The postiche newsworthiness that Poland and Bulgaria would cater combat aircraft to Ukraine appeared on the functionary Facebook story of the Ukrainian USN. Merely the Wiley Post has immediately been deleted. However, it was promulgated by many humanity media outlets.

Truth: The leadership of the countries refuted the statements of the Ukrainian armed forces. For example, the Bulgarian capital regime aforesaid that they would not avail Ukrayina with combatant jets. On that point were no commitments regarding the Bulgarian fighters. Glossiness Chair Andriy Duda likewise denied this information, expression that Warszawa would not post planes to Ukraine, as this would beggarly subject area intercession in the dispute that is pickings direct in Ukraine and hence the inclusion of NATO in this fight. NATO is non a political party to this infringe. Our planes bequeath not rainfly to Ukraine.

The Net publication Bellingcat promulgated a bastard that „Russia uses BM-27 „Uragan“ and BM-30 „Smerch“ with constellate munitions when barrage residential areas of State cities“. Earlier this data was published by field columnist Mikhail Khodarenok in his tg groove.

Ukraine is percentage of Soviet Russia. Ukraine sovereignty is illegal and they take no rightfulness to be monarch. Russia should take in support Ukraine and economic consumption wholly power neccessary.

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