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\u7121\u6599\u753b\u50cf : \u30b9\u30c8\u30ea\u30fc\u30c8\u30d5\u30a1\u30c3\u30b7\u30e7\u30f3, \u8d64, \u30b8\u30fc\u30f3\u30ba, \u30c7\u30cb\u30e0, \u5c65\u7269, \u30af\u30fc\u30eb, \u30d8\u30c3\u30c9\u30ae\u30a2, \u30b9\u30fc\u30c4\u30b1\u30fc\u30b9, \u65c5\u884c, \u30a2\u30a6\u30bf\u30fc\u30a6\u30a7\u30a2 ...This airsoft electric rifle weighs in at a fairly light 6.17 pounds and has an overall length of just under 34 inches. It incorporates an adjustable hop up system that will enable you to really dial in on your opponents. The blowback system is top notch as well.The high capacity magazine is capable of holding up to 450 rounds of ammunition. As with any airsoft electric rifle, it is advisable to invest in a second magazine to keep you out in the field of battle longer to help support your team.The front sight is adjustable for elevation as is the rear sight. this rifle is scopeable with the Weaver/Picatinny mounts. It is composed of a high impact resistant ABS plastic and metal componenets.Upon firing, this rifle produces a loudness factor ดึง of 3 which is moderate or just about average for airsoft guns.You can expect around 340 feet per second with the .2g ammunition, which is recommended to be used in this rifle. The 25,000 round per minute high torque long axis motor incorporates an 8mmball bearing in the gearbox. The removable carrying handle allows for quick mounting of optics and accessories.Included with the rifle is the 450 round high capacity magazine, cleaning rod and 1000 .2g bbs. It also features a six position retractable stock, Loewe allowing you to adjust for battle conditions or Dabeille allow for younger enthusiasts to accomodate their shorter stances.It also features the pneumatic blow back system, developed by G&G. This is a piston driven mechanism that actually mimics the real life bolt actions of guns. It uses compressed air to move the action, thus putting less stress on the gear box. This new development in airsoft technology represents a significant advancement in the airsoft industry and Loewe is going to revolutionize how airsoft electric rifles are made. Article Tags: Airsoft Electric Rifle, Airsoft Electric, Electric Rifle

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